Under 300: Addison Groove

For this week’s Under 300 we welcome very special guest selector Addison Groove.

You may know him as the British ambassador to the Chicago juke and footwork underground. His 2010 anthem “Footcrab” fused Chi-town future soul with British baessthetics, leading his fellow producers and DJs into “post-dubstep” territory.

Or if you’ve been paying attention since the mid-2000s, you may know him as Headhunter, one of dubstep’s early innovators. Under this moniker he helped shape the eyes-down, meditative dubstep sound that thrived in places like London and Bristol—years before the genre exploded into the mainstream as a commercialized caricature of its former self. Like many of the original architects he has since moved on, taking plays from icy techno experimentalists like the Skull Disco contingent and footwork lessons from Chicago heroes Spinn and Rashad.

He recently took the highly coveted Boiler Room stage with a “great big stack of machinery” to deliver a future-gazing slice of overclocked techno and the live recording is here in its entirety.

By now you get the Under 300 concept, right? One mega guest selector picks five treats from Soundcloud with under 300 plays each, and gives us a sentence or two about them in their own words.

—Max Pearl

“My good friend Chris Jarman AKA KSP has been building up his name for a little while now and looks to have some interesting music forthcoming on various labels, including my own.”

“Just found this in my Soundcloud inbox, I have no idea who they are or where they came from, but this tune caught my ears. House-techno vibes.”

“This link goes to a free tune, so download it if you’re feelin’ it.  About 10 years ago when i was a wee lad, me and Orphan101 used to make tunes together. He’s now moved on to some dark techno and grime vibes. IMO, he deserves more attention than hes been given. He also runs the Deca Rhythm label that has put out some quality releases.”

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“Anyone who’s followed Appleblim’s label [Apple Pips] might be aware of Arkist. A great talent with deep grooves.”

“Nice bit of juke here from an artist I have no idea about. By the looks of it, it appears he or she is from Poland, where, I have to say, they have quite a big juke following. I play there quite often and when the 160+ BPMs come out they tend to lose it.”