Under 300: Lotic (#FEELINGS, Dutty Artz)

This week’s <300 guest is Berlin-based Lotic, also known as J’Kerian Morgan, the young, brash producer and DJ from Houston who, in a recent interview with Motherboard, called out SoundCloud-ians everywhere for blindly biting HTown Trap Rap and assembling the freakish Frankenstein monster known as “Trap.” Yes, we all need to be saved from dubstep, but Morgan won’t make an escape on that leaky raft, and we’re with him. However, Lotic’s no hater, and today he’s back to spread the SoundCloud love with our next <300, shining light on some amazing artists from around the world. He should know: he’s been cited by other contributors for this series more than any other artist to date.

By now you know the drill; Cluster Mag selects one influential musician, DJ, or producer per segment to share five SoundCloud favorites that have seen less than 300 plays in their time on the network. They tell us a little about each selection in their own words.


“Breezy definitely doesn’t deserve to be treated this well. At the same time, this rework by Egyptian producer and visual artist Kareem Lotfy makes him sound as fucked up as we all think he is. This edit will immediately suck you into its industrial vortex and force you to face your demons (all played by Chris Brown). When it’s over, you will be proud and thank Lotfy for your transformation. I highly recommend checking out the other thirty-seven tracks this man has uploaded, the vast majority of which are up for download.”

“Kuduro somehow manages to completely and immediately rearrange my priorities whenever its played within an audible range. I can be having a heated political debate or an orgasm or whatever—it doesn’t matter. If I hear it, I have to dance. Like full-on drunken crunk-twerking with beads of sweat adorning my forehead. DJ Kingfo0xx is especially effective. This track in particular is a bit more of a tarraxa-kuduro hybrid; it’s more sinister but still extra hype. Imagine Beyoncé perched on a palm tree in the middle of a concrete warehouse, belting out melismas whilst Wonka’s little orange people do a synchronized dance number below her.”

“I found out about Dentist via his appearance in LE1F’s “Wut” video. Turns out he not only makes a sexy Pikachu but beautiful ambient pieces using Whitney Houston vocals as well. Reminds me of the soundtrack to Mysterious Skin and depressed goths. It really is a beautiful immersive thing. The waveform is also pretty phallic, making it a nice visual accompaniment.”

“Baile Funk is another one of those styles of music that triggers my twerk response regardless of setting. I blame Austin’s DJ Moral $upport 100% for turning me on to this stuff when we met. MC Marcelly is definitely one of my favorites, and this staggering edit by DJ Higor L. really does her justice. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m floating on a bed of melting ice while my non-existent 3-foot Virgin Indian Remy weave flows around me like a velvety cocoon.”

“This one really sells itself, doesn’t it? It’s Trey Songz and bhangra. Get into it. This one will make you want to make love in a smoke-filled room with this edit blasting at full volume as the soundtrack. And if you choose to do so, you will most likely weep at the beauty of how the elements all work so perfectly well together.”


Follow Lotic on Twitter and SoundCloud, and cop his 2011 release with Ben Aqua’s Austin-based #FEELINGS collective here.