Cluster Mix 009: Norrit

#passion #lust #obsession #anger #delusion

Norrit is an electronic musician from Kansas. Like many of his contemporaries in this always-evolving genre-transcendent cloud of bass music, the young producer uses strange and evocative textures, quirky synthesizers, and twisted rhythms to throw the concept of dance music through a loop. His music cultivates moods, emotions, and images as much as it compels bodies to move so we figured he’d be a perfect candidate for re-launching Cluster Mag’s mix series. We asked him to tell us about the mix and he provided such a strong concept that we’re just going to copy-paste from our inbox and let him do the talking. Here it is: Norrit’s Stalking in Texas, Da Re-Kuts.

‘The real inspiration for it is (maybe) oddly enough the 1974 canadian horror flick, Black Christmas. Familiar?’

The POV shots and the phone calls sort of popped into my head after a few flops at attempts to conceptualize anything else, and I started to think about the ‘stalking’music that I seem to hear a lot of lately and try 2 make myself when the mood strikes. Texas has always been a musical inspiration to me, from the first time I heard Mike Jones’s ‘Still Tippin’ to the first time I heard dj Screw’s ’25 lighters’ ~ so that re-arrangement, cut up aesthetic became the main concept for the mix. all of the trax are original re-edits I did very specifically for the mix. The outros of one track lead to the design of the intros to the track I was going to sequence next.

With the slasher flick as my mental image, and the Texas ‘sounds’ of today (trap inspired, tribal inspired) ~ I tried to then recontextualize songs I found on SoundCloud / friends from Texas sent me by editing them into something more club inspired, something that one could hypothetically ride the wave of #passion #lust #obsession #anger #delusion to. A mix that someone could listen to in a car as they wait outside of someone’s house, the moments leading up to them seeing the person leave their house, the moments of seeing them disappear into the house of a friend or a lover. A sort of pathetic, pining impression was my goal, and it’s sort of there maybe with the creepy ambience of some of the songs, the romantic melodic progressions of some of the songs, the sound of a pulse quickening, the sound of a knife scraping, etc.

The location was more or less just a good restriction for me to work with, limitations being the easiest way to really milk the most creativity out of myself. So yeah. Repping Texas just be-fucking-cause, and I got some homies out there. I dunno that Texas has a particular aesthetic I was trying to mine. The attempt with the mix was to build something out of the pieces.

da re kuts ~ stalking in texas baby

down souf we jus do wut we do.”

Sines – End of Ends (Norrit Re-Edit)
Rabit – C-R-A-C-K (Norrit Re-Edit)
Corcovado – This Love Is Real (Norrit Re-Edit)
Galactic Zack – Swamp Life (Norrit Re-Edit)
Lōtic – Lust (Norrit Remix ~ Norrit Re-Edit)
Ben Aqua – Shy Bitch (Norrit Re-Edit)
Ynfnyt Scroll – Butch Queen (Norrit Re-Edit)
Juxta – Whisper Song (Norrit Re-Edit)
Cosmic Revenge – Here With Me (Arms & Suites Remix ~ Norrit Re-Edit)