Under 300: LDFD

So is New York not cool anymore? For about a year now, we’ve been fixated on a group of producers spanning Chicago to New Orleans and Texas who are doing fascinating things working within small, distinct regional sounds (both their own and others). A lot of these young producer dudes have been flipping southern rap rhythms to great effect, and the moments of sharing initiated at Austin’s SXSW festival seem to have catalyzed this new style into a full-on subgenre. Artists like MORRIS in Kansas, Sinjin Hawke à Montreal, and Mess Kid up here in NYC have been placing those Bangladesh-style 808 kicks and machine gun hi-hats alongside quirky, weird bubbles of synth to turn what are essentially instrumental cuts into rave jams for sloths.

LDFD is one of the most exciting producers tinkering in this yet-undefined musical practice, experimenting with his own take on synth-cushioned trap beats, making forays into ghetto house and juke rhythms as well. A crooning, R&B soaked specter haunts his chord progressions and melodies. Representing the Regal League and Los Angeles-based Magical Properties, this Dallas producer has brought us this week’s <300 segment showcasing that very same vibe; re-puroposed Midwestern rhythms—screwed, sped-up, extra syncopated—paired with enveloping textures and clouds of synthesizers phasing in and out of the mix. Trap, juke, footwork… Is the midwest the new east coast?

—Max Pearl

“This is some fire from Bames, a couple of the homies from Dallas posted up in Austin right now. It’s got this creeping spooky synth that sounds like a swarm of hornets under these nasty 808s with talking computers.”

“Found this digging thru Soundcloud, some real raw footwork from DJ Rolow and DJ Manny from Chicago with this Curren$y sample, that sped up guitar kills it, plus it’s one of those juke tracks where you get mesmerized from one vocal repeating over and over and over.”

“Some juke with real nice orchestral funk samples from the homie Ynfynyt Scroll of Track Meet DJ Crew out of Dallas too. They’re throwing some cool parties out in Dallas, Denton and Austin, a couple weeks ago I actually found myself at a house party out in Denton and turned out they were throwing a slime rave in the basement with LOL Boys playing behind this cage fence until the cops shut it down.”

“Amazing sounds from Arafat Group, so many soothing industrial sounds floating around, everything from Dem Hunger, Wanda Group, etc. is incredible.”

“This was sent to me via email from ZEN MASTER DAED a little bit ago, very screwed, delayed, filtered droning mix of Young Dro and Twerk It, I had this on repeat and completely zoned out.”

<300 – DVA
<300 – Jubilee
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