Under 300: Scratcha DVA

This week’s <300 segment features another one of our favorite rhythm architects from across the pond, the inimitable and eccentric DVA.  This DJ and producer (who you may know as Scratcha DVA depending on the context) hosts a fantastic monthly radio show on Rinse FM representing Hyperdub Records, the British imprint that brought you breakthrough indie darling, Burial.  DVA’s debut album, Pretty Ugly, is due out on March 20th from Hyperdub.  Built around an unusual dialogue between pop-centric R&B songwriting, offbeat rhythms, and bright hyper-color synthesizers, the full-length represents a strong new direction for the increasingly fragmented cluster of sounds we have come to call ‘bass music.’  

<300 is a recurring segment where we ask our favorite musicians to bring us five tracks from the music-networking platform SoundCloud that have seen less than 300 plays and deserve to be heard by the world.  Then they tell us a bit about what we’re listening to:


“This track I heard last year. A friend directed me at the page and str8 away I inbox msgd him arxin him 2send me it 2play on radio. The track has a big warm bassline synth with sick melodies an chords around it. I couldn’t believe it only had about 10plays and like 1 comment. I arxd him 2sign a 3-track EP 2my label DVA Music which releases end of March 2012. Since then we have met up a few times as he lives in east ldn and hes give me more stuff since. He’s 18 and has got skills so watch dis space.”

“Absolute smasher. Found this SoundCloud link recently jus sittin in my email. The guy is living between LDN and Japan. He had sent me a SoundCloud link 2some remix. So i searched thru some of his original work and boom! This lil roller came up. Nice tribally wierd fing. Imagine Benga going out in2 sum deep African tribe and makiing a riddim. ye it sounds jus like wt ur finking in ur head now. people will b bussing diffrent skanks 2dis 1.”

“This artist is slowly coming out of her shell. Been sound-stalking dis chick 4 a hot minute. She used 2 have loads an loads of reverb on her vocal tracks coz I guess she was frightend of leaving her vocals open. She beat jacks alot of Dilla stuff and stuff alike but dis track here I fink is her best upload so far and its only a clip. Gr8 harmonies and vocal arrangement but jus still abit too much reverb 4me. Im kinda tempted 2arx her if i can produce it and make it full length.”

“Sick lil free dL here of this track I featured in my MTV Wrap up mix an battered in a few dances now. It’s impossible not 2 move ur snake hips 2 dis 1. Got a kinda like old Ghost Records feel wiv a new funky flavour gwaanin. Big! This guy will do well in 2012 he’s got some other sick tracks and is getting gd supprt from Brackles and Marcus Nasty so watch dem SoundCloud plays increase.”

“Haven’t got ne info on this producer at all but i got sent a link to the track and i inboxed bk 2get the 320k mp3 and he/she sent it. I will do some further research and I’ve noticed it’s forthcoming on Sounds Of Sumo records. It’s still only got 212 plays doe.”

Holler at DVA on Twitter, or check his own SoundCloud, and look out for his upcoming album, Pretty Ugly

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