Under 300: MORRIS

This week’s <300 contributor is a Soundcloud cult icon of sorts.  His incredibly sexy narco-pop slow jams tap the current trend towards an abstracted, filtered, chopped and screwed R&B sound.  Very #seapunk.  He apparently lives in Lawrence, Kansas, but fleshy bodies are so much less interesting than avatars so I guess that’s insignificant.  You know the drill: <300 is a recurring segment where we ask established or rising-star DJs, producers, and musicians to pick five tracks from ‘amateur’ Soundcloud users that have less than 300 plays each.  With 16,000 plays on his recent tune Rashida Jones it’s obvious that this young producer spends way too much time on the internet, so we figured who better to ask for our next <300?  We’re betting three months or less before Rick Ross’ creative team gets this guy in the studio.  

24k by Richman

“This one is pure silk. Tom Richman’s beats are usually so club heavy, straight rob a nigga at the bar type joints. But this one is like the afterglow following robbing that nigga, you got the 24k chain on, feelin’ like a goddamn boss. Craig David samples swelling in and out of the ether, straight blunt smoke.”

Motion arch test by Mokona

“Mokona drops bombs. I’ve really been feeling this guys stuff for a little while. A lot of what I like about this beat is the suggestion of the beat…It seems to be lacking some of the key components necessary to keep a track together, but yet it still bangs. His sound is pure 4AM, I sip lean to Mokona, holler at me.”

12 13 2011 by BENITO

“Really feelin this guy’s stuff. Benito is making some very heavy juke influenced 808 music and he’s definitely been on my radar for long time. This song is the soundtrack to a drug bender at a rave in 2042 with an aging Elijah Wood, incredibly vivid work.”

BIOFM (Unsigned) by AnnaLove

“Buss it. Banger for sure.”

Game Of Thrones by Kon

“Kon is a monster, without a doubt…. This song sounds like a theme to an underwater Mario level, plus dro. Everyone wasted underwater, ya feel me?”