Under 300: Wheez-ie

For our fourth <300 installment, we got up with Boston’s own juke/UK bass wizard, Wheez-ie AKA Matt Mauldin, to dig for 5 tracks on SoundCloud with less than 300 plays and serious power.  His new EP, “Keep Yer Chin Up” is out NOW on Distal’s Embassy imprint.  Between this and the last one, it’s clear he’s got an ear for rhythm and he’s keeping it close to the ground. So when we hit him up, we knew he’d provide. From the Chicago old school to the new, from England to New England, and back to his motherland in Houston, this kid slings some quality tracks. And you know we gotta big up our man Boylan for making it on this one…


Jana Rush is a legend. She’s been around since the Dance Mania days, and She still kills it. I’ve been playing this one out for a while now and it always works well on the floor. How could you not love the vocals on the drop?

Product – On the Fence v1 by ProductTX

Oldie but Goodie…Product is 1/3 of the Houston Dubstep behemoth South3rn. He wrote some of the first Dubstep tunes I ever heard as well as played Dubstep at some of the first shows I ever went to. I have a lot of respect for him as a producer and as a human being. All of that aside there is one basic combo everyone has to remember: Jungle breaks + Upright Bass = Instant Love (at least for me) 

go hard 2011 by boylan

Dude its Boylan. We all know you can’t fuck with Boylan’s tracks. All his shit is great. If you don’t own ALL of his tracks you need to go buy them now!

In the ghetto by SARANTIS

I don’t really remember how I found out about Sarantis. Evidently he’s an old school dubstep/grime guy who decided to make some really interesting Juke stuff. Honestly this tune kind of weirded me out for a while. It was really strange hearing older UK sounds at 160ish mixed with some of the stylistic traits of North American Juke. It’s going to be really interesting to see if he evolves that idea or if they were just one offs.

Agent Orange (Viet Cong Lean) by DrValor

Valor is a 19 year old English producer living in Massachusetts. While I don’t listen to much halfstep anymore I really dig what Valor has done. I’ve been really getting into more spaced out tribal tunes recently and this one sure fits that description. It’s also really refreshing to see such a young producer making meaningful music. Valor is gearing up for an album on Dubliminal in the UK and is definatly someone to keep an eye on.  

Wheez-ie’s newest release is a four-track EP of hyper-jacked, mutant booty house celebrating, among other things, the comfort of bare feet in the club. It features remixes from Frite Nite’s Salva and from the godfather of that freaky Detroit sh*t, DJ Assault.  WHOA!  We also recommend keeping up with his own SoundCloud page.